Saturday Update on This is Love April 2019

- 12:13:00 PM

Prithvi and Preeta are walking when she purposefully ruins her own dress, she apologizes to the waiter but Prithvi gets angry and says a lot to him, Preeta sees this and asks Prithvi to stop this he also wonders what he is doing and realizing this apologizes to the waiter. He says that he is not able to see Preeta get hurt and so acted like this, which will not happen in the future, Preeta says that it is her fault and she will go and clean her clothes. When she leaves Prithvi says that he must keep himself in control as Preeta loves a gentleman and not like Sherlin who is in love with the devil.
Prithvi looks for Manisha and Karan but he doenot see them both, he is happy to see that as this will mean his plan is in motion and Karan will not be able to see a bright future. He gets a call from Sherlin who is eager to know what is happening, he says that Manisha is with Karan and will ruin his life which will be beneficial for them both.
Sherlin asks Prithvi what e is doing at which he answers that he not doing anything and Karan will now be finished, she asks him about Preeta he gets conscious and says that is she doubting him but she makes excuses saying that it is not that, Sherlin asks him to do his work. Prithvi goes to the reporters and tells him about Karan asking them to make a news, Sherlin says that she is seriously doubting him and will now keep an eye on him.

Preeta is very angry and looking for Karan who is nowhere to be found, she then enters and sees him with Manisha near the elevators, she gets curious and says that she will let him do everything that he wants as he is enjoying himself with a girl, Manisha is with Karan saying that she is also his fan but it si her job and she must break his image as otherwise
she will get out of job. Preeta feels worried regarding Karan, she thinks the reason for feeling as worried as he is enjoying himself.
Prithvi is trying to explain the reporters to make a news but they do not listen as they say that Karan is a true and honest man, he asks them to go and find it out for themselves after which they leave, Prithvi sees Sherlin and is very angry to see her there, he asks the reason after which they both start to fight and he says that’s he must leave but she does not listen, she then says that she feels that they are getting apart and she must spent time with him, he then consoles her saying that he also love her a lot and she must doubt his intentions, he says that if he loves someone a lot then no force can take her away from him, she hugs him saying that she was missing this form of him, she makes a plan to celebrate but he says that they cannot and she will call them after their plan is successful.
Manisha is with Karan who is unconscious and she makes a call to Prithvi who is with Sherlin, she says that she is with Karan in the lift after that he gets angry and forces her to not take his name in front of him as he is a very clever boy and if she says their names then they will get In trouble, she asks him to send the media to the floor, he says that she must only do her work and not instruct her as he is the writer if this play, Manisha says that he must not worry as the person who cannot even stand properly cannot harm them so it is also very difficult to control him and he must hurry, Sherlin ask Prithvi about the update he says that their plan is half complete and the other half will be completed shortly. She calls the police to attempt to strangle Karan in their plan.
Manisha takes Karan to her room which is very difficult, Preeta thinks that something is very wrong as Karan never drinks so much that he cannot remember anything, she says that the girl was pulling him and he was not going by his will, she then goes to find him and sees that the elevator is on the ninth floor, Manisha is pulling Karan when Preeta sees her taking Karan into her room, she starts to walk towards the room, Manisha decides to put Karan on the bed and after that she will close the door, Preeta wonders what she will tell Prithvi who would be waiting for her, She sees that the door is opened and towards it.
Prithvi calls the police saying that he feels Karan is doing something wrong with a girl, the police asks if he is sure, Prithvi makes them feel confident that it was Karan who took the girl in room 803 and they hurriedly mobilize to get to the police station at their earliest. He says that the police will be their shortly and then everyone will rush towards them to ask them about the matter after that Karan s self-respect will be like a sand grain, and he will be not able to stand with his or any family that is close to him, he makes a plan the Karan will now fail in every war that he has with them, Sherlin says that they will now win and none will be able to challenge them.

Manisha starts to talk with Karan saying that he was not made for some ordinary girl and now she will make herself famous, Manisha then makes him lie correctly on the bed. Preeta sees Karan and Manisha together.
Preeta was furious after she watch Malisha and Karan together in the room. She turns away and thinks she knew Karan was a complete flirt. She turns to leave the room but hears Karan push Malisha away and asks what she is doing, resisting her. Malisha tries to enforce Karan look at her, she loves him dearly and wants to express her love for him. Karan pushes her away. Preeta decides to help Karan and comes to push Malisha away from Karan. Malisha regrets forgetting to lock the door. Preeta screams and questions what Malisha wants?
Sherlin and Prithvi enjoyed a drink together. Sherlin names their drinks to their victory.
Malisha was speechless and says Karan dragged her into the room. Preeta claims her a liar, Karan was unconscious and couldn’t hold himself; how could she bring her here.
Malisha says she is a fan. Preeta questions if fans are like her? A fan never takes a selfie without their idol’s consent. Karan is unwell, and she doesn’t know her intentions right now but whatever her plans, they can’t be accomplished. She will protect Karan anyway. She blames Malisha to be shameless, and holds Malisha responsible for making Karan drunk. She had full concentrations over Karan even when she wasn’t there. She orders Malisha to get lost before she calls the security, then locks the door from inside. Preeta wakes Karan up in the room.
Prithvi was annoyed with Sherlin that he had forbidden her to come to the party that may prove dangerous but she only wants to keep an eye over him. Sherlin strictly warns Prithvi that he has started to ignore her and misbehave with her, he behaves as if she is his slave. This can’t continue this way. Malisha was repeatedly calling Prithvi. Sherlin tells him to take the call. Prithvi takes the call. Malisha blames Prithvi for not being able to take care of Preeta only, she caught them red handed and came to the room. Prithvi gives Sherlin blaming looks. He tells Malisha he had even called the police that there is some illicit act in the room of this hotel. Malisha tells Prithvi to come here soon, she is standing outside the room while Preeta is trying to wake Karan up.




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